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The Studio System is a PIT House Team that performs on Super Free Wednesday at The Peoples Improv Theater. They are currently playing at 9:00 leading into Family Haircut. Their first show was held January 22, 2014. They have established themselves as a Monoscene-focused team.



The Studio System was created by the ensemble committee on January 19, 2014 with the placeholder name Team Butterfinger. Originally scheduled to play the 8:30 slot The Studio System and the 8:00 team Sea Legs decided to switch times.

February 5, 2014 The Studio System performed a monoscene for their third show which has since become their signature form.

On July 23, 2014 following the disbanding of Sea Legs, Paul Gutkowski was added to The Studio System bringing the cast to 8 members. With Sea Legs no longer a team the 8:30 slot was filled by Gypsy Danger.

On Sunday, January 18, 2015 after 1 year at 8:00 the Ensemble Committee changed their show-time to 9:00.

Cast Connections

The Studio System was cast with veterans that had previously been on other house teams together.

Danielia, Kaitlin and Jared starred for one season on Body Heat

Danielia, Kaitlin, Jared and David starred for two seasons on Albatross

Paul, Beth and David starred for three seasons on Cash Only!

Paul, Adam and Beth starred for one season on Joan Wilder

Desley had never previously been on a house team with any of the cast while David had worked with the most (5 members).

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