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Super Free Wednesday is a lineup of Wednesday night shows featuring PIT House Teams that runs weekly at The Peoples Improv Theater. As the name suggests, admission is free to the general public.


Super Free Wednesday has seen many different incarnations since The PIT's inception, even moving to Mondays for a time in the theater's early days. The first day the entire line-up was free was October 12th, 2005; making that the first true Super Free Wednesday.

SFW in it's current form features theater house teams performing long form improvisation, with two teams sharing a one hour time slot. SFW has been the flagship of the theater and training center for years, and the expansion of the theater and school has even moved premier teams to their own shows on weekends and prompted the creation of Super Free Monday.

Current Super Free Wednesday PIT House Teams

Current Non-House Team Shows

Former Super Free Wednesday Shows/Featured Groups

In addition to all these shows, Wednesday nights would also sporadically host fundraisers, performer showcases, and student shows.

Former Hosts

For approximately two years, Super Free Wednesday was hosted by these performers:

In September 2008, The PIT retired the host segments from the schedule entirely.