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SPF7 is a comedy group that was founded at the Seaside Repertory Theater in 2000. They performed together for five summers in Seaside, Florida before relocating to San Francisco, California. They performed improv and sketch there and regularly shot videos that were featured on MySpace and The Onion until disbanding in 2009.


Originally SPF7 (an acronym for Seaside's Professional Fools with the 7 indicating there were 7 people in the group) only performed during the summer as a part of the Seaside Repertory Theater's summer season. Over time, the group decided to perform together year-round and relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area. While in San Francisco they had close ties with the San Francisco Comedy College, where member Sammy Wegent taught. Eventually, SPF7 branched out from doing just improv and began shooting videos and doing more live sketch shows, including the popular John Williams Is A Dick. The group was active in the Bay Area from 2006 to 2009. Most of the group's members moved to LA where they now perform as Gracie Law, except Justin Lamb who moved to New York and Sammy Wegent who remained in San Francisco. They all still Skype and take bets on who will get married last. So far Justin is in the lead.


  • Alex Aschinger
  • Bob Brindley
  • Bailee Desrocher
  • Mike Funt
  • Jay/Joe Starr
  • Justin Lamb
  • Laley Lippard
  • Sammy Wegent
  • Chris Yule

Festival Appearances


  • Justin Lamb and Jay/Joe Starr were both members of HappyGAS.
  • Bob Brindley once cried over how good a hamburger was.