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Started in 2003 by Shaun Landry and Sam Shaw, the SFIF has had thousands of audience members attend improvisational theater and learn from master class teachers including Mick Napier, David Razowsky, and Ian Roberts. It is one of the few improvisational Theater Festivals that pays its ensembles to perform. Starting as a 12 week event, The festival now runs over a seven week span, making it "The Longest Running Improv Festival in the Country".

Sam Shaw left the San Francisco Improv Festival in June 2005. The Festival was then produced by Landry with Associate Producers Clay Robeson and Hans Summers.

Starting in 2009, Jamie Wright took over as Executive Producer of the San Francisco Improv Festival.

SFIF Timeline



  • Night One: Brick House, Jurassic Pope, The Perennials, Creatures of Impulse, Phasers on Stun, Emergency Contact, The Moment Players, Secret Improv Society
  • Night Two: NES, BATS Improv's The Bechdel Test, Un-Scripted's Shakesqueer, Janice, We Digress, Magic, Chicken Scratch, I Am The Show
  • Night Three: Adsit & Eveleth, The Right Now, Famke Roumstead, SHREW Improvised Shakespeare, Liss 'n Sams, But of Mind, Red Pill Players, The Trifecta, Luxury Cruise Singles Mixer, Freedom Snatch
  • Night Four: The Sound of Musical, The SFIF 2019 Invitational Player Ensemble, In Process with Chad Damiani, The Purdy Twins, Adsit & Eveleth, Betse & Burns, Murder Muder, The Nancy Boys
  • Workshop Teachers: Nicole Marcks, Chad Damiani, Brendan McCay & Becky Sanders, Chris George, Nick Condon, The Women of Shrew


North Beach Purple Onion Stage

  • Week One: ComedySportz San Jose and ImprovBoston
  • Week Two: Trophy Wife Improv (ioWest, LA) and Revolving Madness (SF)
  • Week Three: Mark Baratelli Improv Cabaret(Orlando, FL) and The Uncle Ukulele Show (Minneapolis, MN)
  • Week Four: Cathcart and Olson (Chicago) and Aye Diego (LA/Boston)

  • Week Five: The Election Show (Seattle, WA) and Get Up (Austin, TX)

  • Week Six: Silver City Pink (LA) and SPF7 (SF)

  • Week Seven: Oui Be Negroes (SF) and Pale Irish Bastards (LA)

Union Square SF Playhouse Stage: Hosted by Un-Scripted Theater

  • Week One: Asaf Ronen's YARNS (Austin, TX)

  • Week Two: Storytellers Unplugged (SF)

  • Week Three: Second Nature (L.A.) with Armando Guest Lemony Snicket (Daniel Handler)


  • Week One: Bassprov with Emo Philips (Chicago/LA) and 3 For All (SF)
  • Week Two: SF Gay Pride Weekend with Me Likey (Toronto), Mark Baratelli's Improv Cabaret (Florida) and Host/Improv Rapper Julie "Fucking" Potter
  • Week Three: Oui Be Negroes (SF) The Short Show (SF) and Messing with Ike (Chicago/LA)
  • Week Four: Storytellers Unplugged (SF), Comedy Jesus (LA) and host "Velvet" Tom Farnan (LA)
  • Week Five: Imp (NY) and Revolving Madness (SF)
  • Week Six: Big Yellow Bus (Chicago) 4 in 1 (SF) and String Theory: SCIENCE (Vancouver, Canada)


  • Week One: Aye Diego (boston/L.A) and True Fiction Magazine (San Francisco)
  • Week Two: Massive Creativity (Houston, TX) and 15-Minutes (San Jose)

  • Week Three: Jokyr and Jesster (Salt Like CIty UT) and Un-Scripted Theater (San Francisco) with Special Guest Todd Stashwick/Jill Bernard and The Mayfly
  • Week Four: Razowsky and Clifford (L.A), Revolving Madness (San Francisco) and Second City's Los Angeles The Group
  • Week Five: I Eat Pandas (NY) and Dad's Garage (Atlanta, GA)
  • Week Six: Waiting For Ennis Cotter (Boston, MA), Warth & Todd (NY) and Catholic School Girl Giddy with Asaf Ronen(NY/SF)
  • Week Seven: Oui Be Negroes (SF) and Nation of Improv (Los Angeles)

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