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Froduce is a New York City independent longform improv comedy group. Froduce was formed in April of 2008 and has been performing regularly around NYC.

You can visit Froduce's web site here


The current cast of Froduce includes Eugene Ashton Gonzalez, Katie Cunningham, Katie East, James Ferrarella, Mike Fiedler, Vincent Milosevich, James Robilotta and Jaime Linn.

Founded as a ten person group, previous members include Nash Bennett, Scott Stein and Matthew Vicari


Froduce has done many shows throughout NYC at venues such as Broadway Comedy Club, Gotham City Improv, Under St. Mark's and The Creek

Since December 2008, they have hosted a weekly show Froduce Comedy That's Good For You at the Creek. They recently celebrated the two year Anniversary of this show.

Froduce originated a new show called The Randomizer. In it all participating teams, come up and right before their set pick out of a hat a form which they then must perform. Forms include Harold, French Harold, Armando, Montage, The Peel, Slacker, Deconstruction, La Ronde & Mono Scene.

Highlights include Froduce's Slacker with the appearence of Voltron and Stamp & Coin Club's Peel.

Froduce hosted their One Year Anniversary Show on May 29th 2009 at The Creek with special guests The Karate Parade, Fat Penguin and Thank You Robot

Froduce hosted their Two Year Anniversary Show on June 11th 2010 at The Creek with special guests Sandino, Ragnarock, A Froduce Favs Mash-up Team and host Nick Turner

Froduce competed in UCB cagematch 2009, and have been in DCM 09 and 10.


Froduce have been coached by John Robert Wilson of Thank You, Robot, Jim Santangeli, David Siegel, Erik Dies & Ashley Ward