The Karate Parade

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The Karate Parade is an independent improvisational comedy group in New York City.


The Karate Parade formed in 2007 out of the workings of an Improv 101 class at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. Originally called "The Knife Parade," the group started filming sketches for YouTube in late 2007, then became involved in New York's independent improv scene in 2008.


Its seven members are Ilya Abyzov, Chris Brooks, Kevin Corrigan, Don Diego, Ashley Harrell, Sydney Hollis, and Eric O'Keefe.


The Karate Parade has been coached by Achilles Stamatelaky and Adam Frucci.


They host a monthly show at The Creek and also perform regularly with other groups at Under St. Marks Theater, Gotham City Improv and Broadway Comedy Club.


More information can be found on The Karate Parade's facebook page: [1]. Sketch videos created by the group under their old name can be found here: [2]