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ERIC is a writer/teacher/and performer at the UCB Theatre. He's a member of the improv team, Reuben Williams, and can be seen every Saturday night at 10:30 in their show, "As Seen On TV." He can also be seen as UCBW announcer TT Billingsworth every Thursday in Cagematch, which he has co-hosted for the past 4 years. Other UCBT shows include: "Bored Silly," "UCBW's ReVengence," "Sketch & Awe," "Jackpot!," and "Retraced." Eric is currently a writer for 4Kids' new cartoon "Rocket Monkeys." Other TV writing credits include: MTV's "Anton & Crapbag," Fox/4Kids' "Viva Pinata," E! Network's "Starveillance," Nick Cannon/MTV's "Short Circuitz," and Comedy Central's "Window Seat."

Hometown: Chattanooga, TN