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UCBW is a comedy wrestling league founded in early 2006 by Charlie Todd. The league was inspired by the UCB Theatre's prior wrestling show, Pile Driver, which was created by Billy Merritt and had runs at the theatre in 2001 and 2002.

After staging a wrestling segment with Eugene Cordero at the "It Sucked Awards" in December 2005, Todd got the idea to add a wrestling element to his hosting bits at Cage Match. The UCBW was born at the February 2, 2006 Cage Match with Todd playing Chuck McMahon and Cordero playing Pu Kang Kang. The league has hosted the show every Thursday night since.

UCBW is currently booked by Sean Hart. The league performs weekly during Cage Match and three annual "pay-per-view" events -- WrestleSlamMania, ReVengeance, and AutumnSlamn -- at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, referred to as the UCBW Arena. Shows are hosted by announcers, currently Uncle Eddie (Sean Hart), a former ConEd worker and UCBW Champion, and Chugger Deets (Birch Harms), former announcer for Smokey Mountain Wrestling and maybe Memphis Wrestling, and Lush Rimbaugh (Ryan Karels), with Robot Riley (Riley Soloner) as a part-time fill-in. UCBW's Senior Official is Ref Young McDonald (Chris McDonald) with assistance from Referee Tarzan (Brandon Tarzis).


Performers in the UCBW are referred to as "MegaStars," a parody on WWE's term of "Superstars."

Current UCBW MegaStars

  • Wall$treet
  • Beach Cop
  • Old Fishstix
  • Froot Boots
  • The Door Man
  • Bloody Mary
  • Party Animal
  • Justin Time
  • Castrato
  • The Pinball Warlock
  • Laundry Matt
  • E.M.T.
  • The Spooky Skeletons
  • Buffalo Elmo
  • God Almighty
  • Spanish Fly
  • The French Tickler
  • Space Pants
  • Bear Grlls
  • The Brotherhood of Man
  • #HeartThrob
  • Gym Rat
  • Big Druggie
  • Pool Shark
  • The Bumper Boyz
  • The Churner
  • Modern Art
  • A Very Good Waiter/Ultimate Waiter
  • The Postal Worker
  • Clara Voyant
  • Dusty Dangle
  • Cameraman Kevin

Previous Megastars

Pu Kang Kang, Leviathan, Frat Boy, Hoss Balls, HUGE, The Internet, Trust Fund, Rude Boy Roy, Punchmug, I Am Slam, Doll the Bounty Hunter, Lezzie Steel, Rat Don't Care, The Varsity Boys, Benjamin Franklin, Rubber Duckie, Super Mario & Luigi, Binary Code, Father Figure, Dr. Moneybags, Hot Topic, Faux Kang Kang, The Italian Stallions, Vynus, John 3:16, The Disorderly, Presto Change-o, The Iron Chef, Orange Mime, Foreign Menace, The Trekkie, Devilonia, Cha-Cha Tango, Mustardseed Honeybottom, Ma Jessa, Alcoholic Wolf, Rock & Roll Kid, SnakeMan, The Engineer, Alf, The Wright Brothers, Mexican Equivalent, Latin Lover, Dog Lady, Hall Monitor Davy, Locke & Keye, Registered Sex Offender Gary, Uncle Eddie's Fat Wife, Feral Child, The Siamese Disease, Brad from Kinko's (the only crossover character from UCBT's first wrestling show, "Piledriver"), Steve Gristedes, Bucket Face, Anne Frank, Lolita, Crazy Cat Lady, Judge Henry Boner Headlock, DJ MC The Evil Emperor Constantine, The Mountain Men, Kirk Cameron, Josh Groban, The Televangelist, Coach Lacombe, Muscles Marinara, The Blue Bullet, The Brooks Brothers, Hack, Johnny Wimbledon, This Is It: The Michael Jackson Tag Team, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, The Southern Belles, The NBC Page, The Girl Next Door, Caroleen Deveen, The Cocainiac, Domina, Virgin Mary, The Lunchlady, The Parker Brothers, Trey Anastasio, Twilight Todd, Magic Inc., The Fire Man, The Jewish American Princess, Dié Eürotrash, CakeFace, Big Island, Nurse Racky, Whole Lotta Denim, The Gleek, Korya, Lil' Bo Reap, The King Of Hearts, Big Sister, Mr. Sprinkles, Prog Rock, Altar Boy, Dollywood Hogan, Mr. Olympia, DeerHunter, Dr. Fujimora, Future Soldier Dave, "Cold Sober" Steve Boston, Buck McMahon, Burrito, Tanya Tiara, Stage Momma, Black Jacket, William Burg, "Hard Drinkin'" Abe Lincoln, Quiverlip, The Sneaky Man, Daisy Duke, Ken Keech, Orion Pax, GI Joe, Audience Plant, Frank Bollea, Coach Johnson, Charlie Brown, Lady Liberty, Marz, The Douche, Thomas O'Hawk, The Book of Mormon, Idaho Jones, Trip & Trey McGonigle, Father Nelson, The Knishioner, The Philly Phantastic, The Bang Bros, The Grandmas, The Abominable Snowman, Birthday Boy, Tiger Mom, Panda, Bedbug, Sweet Daddy Jazz, Cowboy, These CHarminh Men, Psycho Therapist, The Parking Defendant, Party Pete, Razor Raymond, Fancy Lad, Queen of Cheese, Tomboy,American Dude, Lori Mer, The Baby, Bridezilla, Italian Stallion, Sam the Intern, The Bachelorette, and others.

Actual Pro Wrestlers Who've Made Special Appearances

Colt Cabana, Silver Ant, Fire Ant, Jervis Cottonbelly, Chuck Taylor, Blaster McMassive, CHIKARA Senior Official Bryce Remsburg, Drew Gulak, Mr. Azerbaijan, Cajun Crawdad, John Silver, Tim Donst, D.W. Cycloptopuss III, Orange Cassidy, Dolph Ziggler, & Mick Foley!

Exhibition Hanukkaos MegaStars

These MegaStars appeared only at UCBW's non-canon holiday show.

Jingles the Christmas Elf, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Cocktoberfest, Taco Bell James, Camp Counselor Josh, Sgt. Herpes, Jerry Garcia, Adolf Hitler, The Waiter, The Hair Model, Mariah Carey, Ebenezer Scrooge, Ninja Claus, The Last Samurai, Trojan Man, Waldo, Carmen Sandiego, The Sweet Old Man, YouTube Commenter, The Bar-Mitzvah Boy, His Jewish Mother, Referee Roadie Frank, Referee Jesus Christ, King Kornelius Kwanzaa, Old Man Winter, Helen Keller, "The Miracle Worker" Annie Sullivan, Tacky Tad, Semana Santa, Holy Ghost, God, The Peanuts Gang (Charlie Brown, Linus, Schroeder, Pig Pen, Sally, Lucy), Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien, Judge Dread, The Astro-Not, The Richest Man in the World, The Cops, #Occupy, OCDiesel, Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana, Sam Blackhurst, Brock Shamrock, Batkid, The Fashionista, The Gingerbread Man, The Parka, The Kwanzaa Konnection, Santa Conner, George Zimmerman and Lou Reed.

Retired Voices of the UCBW (Announcers)

PeePee Jackson (Anthony King), Sky Goldfarb (Adam Pally), TT Billingsworth (Eric Scott), The Captain (Ben Rodgers), Shecky Hacklestein (Craig Rowin), Clams Casino (Anthony Atamanuik), Spit Brunkle of UCBW Insider Magazine (Neil Casey), Chuck McMahon (Charlie Todd), Uncle Eddie (Sean Hart), Chugger Deets (Birch Harms), Tony Goodtimes (Dan Black), Tommy Grass (Dan Klein), Lezzie Steel (Shannon O'Neill), The Rockin' Milkman (Sean Clements), Antonio Spur (Jim Santangeli), Peach Buford (Gil Ozeri), JB The Bookie (Sean Hart), Lush Rimbaugh (Ryan Karels), Tommy Grass (Dan Klein) and Tony Goodtimes (Dan Black).

Retired UCBW Officials (Referees)

Referee Pat Baer, Referee Paul Lyons (Pat Baer), Referee Rattlesnake Frank (Frank Hejl), Referee Matt Baer (Adam Bozarth), Referee Cat Baer (Alan Starzinski), Referee Deez Nutz (Shaun Diston), Referee "Mambo Italiano" Justin D'Ambrosio, Junior Official Referee JZT, Referee Robot Riley (Riley Soloner), Clancy Doofus (Riley Soloner).

Title History

World Heavyweight Intercontinental Championship of the World (total # of champions: 16)

  • Marz, 4/20/06, CageMatch [2]
  • Marz (2), 3/21/09, WrestleSlamMania IV
  • Marz (3), 5/13/10, CageMatch
  • Vacant, 2/16/12, CageMatch
  • REDACTED, 3/24/12, WrestleSlamMania VII [8]
  • The Douche (formerly Little Brother), 10/26/13, AutumnSlamn V [10]
  • Marz, 8/9/14, ReVengeance IX [11]
  • Old Fishstix, 3/27/15, WrestleSlamMania X
  • Bloody Mary, 8/19/16, ReVengeance XI
  • Laundry Matt, 8/18/17, ReVengeance XII
  • Ultimo Pussi/Psycho Therapist, 3/23/18, WrestleSlamMania XIII [13]
  • Bear Grrls, 3/23/18, WrestleSlamMania XIII [14]
  • Clara Voyant, 8/17/18, 8/17/18, ReVengeance XIII (current)

[1] Pu Kang Kang is recognized as first-ever Champion. His first known appearance is the UCBT It Sucked Awards on 12/28/05.

[2] Marz defeated Faux Kang Kang, and was awarded the belt by Chuck McMahon. Marz would go on to defeat Pu Kang Kang at the first annual ReVengeance on 6/17/06 to be officially recognized as Champion.

[3] Little Brother was the special referee for this match.

[4] Little Brother was the special referee for this match.

[5] Chuck McMahon was the special referee for this match, but was injured earlier in the night and was replaced by Rattlesnake Frank. Chuck returned and finished the match as referee.

[6] Immediately after Marz retained the title against DJ MC The Evil Constantine, Wall $treet cashed in his Contract in a Fanny Pack to win the title.

[7] Buck McMahon stripped Whole Lotta Denim of the Championship due his not being medically cleared to compete.

[8] Won the vacant title with Chuck McMahon in his corner by defeating Razor Raymond, who had Buck McMahon in his corner.

[9] Immediately after REDACTED retained the title against Buffalo Elmo, he and Mitt Romney attacked Elmo and Barack Obama. Razor Raymond entered and cashed in the Contract in a Fanny Pack to win the title.

[10] Won in a tag team match pitting Marz & UCBW Champion Razor Raymond against The Douche & Wall $treet.

[11] The Douche was forced to retire following his loss.

[12] Immediately after Marz defeated The Douche, Beach Cop turned on Marz to cash in the Contract in a Fanny Pack, revealed himself as Transit Cop and won the title.

[13] After winning the Championship, Ultimo Pussi revealed himself to have been Psycho Therapist the entire time.

[14] Bear Grrls cashed in the Contract in a Fanny Pack on Psycho Therapist

Tag Team Championship (total # of champion teams: 20)

[1] Immediately following The New Christian Right's defeat of The Mountain Men in what was thought to be the final round of the Tag Team Championship Elimination Match, Muscles Marinara entered as a surprise entrant and shockingly won the Tag Team Championship.

[2] Won in a Triple Threat Tag Team Match also featuring Trip & Trey McGonigle.

[3] Won in a Triple Threat Tag Team Match also featuring The Bang Bros.

[4] Due to wrestling's "Freebird Rule," all Mormons were considered Tag Team Champions.

[5] Immediately after defeating The Book of Mormon, The Bang Bros issued an open challenge that was answered by The Colony's Fire Ant & Green Ant.

[6] After The Colony's Fire Ant & Green Ant defeated both The Party Boyz and The Bang Bros, The Grandmas surprisingly entered the Gauntlet Match to win the titles.

[7] After Brotherhood of Man DEMANDED a third man in their match with The Bowling Club, they were teamed with Bloody Mary. Despite the Brotherhood's best efforts, Bloody dominated, got the pin, and became ALSO tag team champion.

Wackadoo Championship (total # of champions: 6)

  • Vance Deferens, 8/19/16, ReVengeance XI
  • Robot Riley, 11/04/16, Electiongeddon '16
  • Towel, 11/04/16, Electiongeddon '16
  • The Pinball Warlock, 4/15/17, WrestleSlamMania XII
  • Ultimo Pussi, 8/10/17, CageMatch
  • Clara Voyant, 8/18/17, ReVengeance XI
  • Gym Rat, 3/23/18, WrestleSlamMania XIII [1]

[1] The WrestleSlamMania XIII Wackadoo title match involved Clara Voyant vs. Dusty Dangle vs. Gym Rat vs. Big Druggie vs. Buffalo Elmo. Gym Rat defended his/its Wackadoo belt on 8/17/2018 at ReVengeance XIII vs. Ultimate Waiter (a more powerful incarnation of A Very Good Waiter), with helpful interference from famed NYC restaurateur Danny Meyer (DM threw several McDonald's burgers into the audience, did not allow UW to use his "Gratuity Included/Check Drop" move due to DM's no-tip policy, and gave GR a creatine milkshake which powered the debut of a new GR finishing move, "the Creatine Guillotine.") and in spite of UW breaking FOUR glass bottles over people's heads and bodies. As a consequence of losing the match, UW was required to wear Crocs and work in shame for some NYC chef that was famous for wearing orange Crocs. AVGW had previously won a #1 contender match vs. Castrato at the 6/7/18 Cage Match.

Women's Championship (total # of champions: 14)

  • Vacant, 2/11/10, CageMatch [2]

[1] Won in a Double-Title Match with his partner in The Supreme Court, Judge Henry Boner Headlock vs. The Royal Court, The King of Hearts & The Jewish American Princess. If The Royal Court had won, The King of Hearts would have won Judge Headlock's Hardcore Championship.

[2] Hall Monitor Davey vacated the title because he was accepted early admission to Georgetown. Also, he was not a woman.

[3] Elimination Gauntlet Match last defeating Domina, also including The Southern Belles, The Girl Next Door, Lolita, and Virgin Mary.

[4] Won in a World War 3-Way Match also featuring Korya.

[5] The title was unified with the World Heavyweight Intercontinental Championship of the World at WrestleSlamMania XII

Hardcore Championship (total # of champions: 15)

  • Marz, 9/8/07, SummerSlamMania II [1]
  • Vacant, 10/27/11, CageMatch [5]
  • Panda, 7/28/12, ReVengeance VII [7]
  • Vacant, 4/2/15, CageMatch
  • Tomboy, 08/19/16, ReVengeance XI [8]

[1] Originally a singles match, this became a Triple Threat Match also featuring Pu Kang Kang.

[2] Originally a singles match, this became a Four Way Match also featuring Pu Kang Kang & Leviathan.

[3] Won in a Triple Threat Match also featuring "The Grocer" Steve Gristedes.

[4] Won in a Triple Threat Match also featuring Wall $treet.

[5] Whole Lotta Denim vacated the Hardcore Title after winning the UCBW World Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship of the World at AutumnSlamn IV.

[6] Won in a Hardcore Fucking 4-Way Match also featuring Mr. Olympia, Beach Cop and Buffalo Elmo.

[7] Won in a Hardcore Ménage à Trois Match also featuring Buffalo Elmo.

[8} Tomboy retired the title the night she won it.

One Hundred Dollar Champion$hip

  • Defunct, 10/28/10, CageMatch [2]
  • Abandoned, 10/26/13, AutumnSlamn VI [4]

[1] One week after being defeated by Marz at ReVengeance V, Wall $treet created this belt and awarded it to himself.

[2] Discontinued following Wall $treet winning the UCBW World Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship of the World at AutumnSlamn III.

[3] Wall $treet reintroduced the title near the beginning of UCBW CageMatch's seventh season after losing the UCBW Championship at AutumnSlamn IV.

[4] The title was discontinued when Wall $treet became Main Street.

UCBW Hall of Fame

For many years, a fake UCBW Hall of Fame would be mentioned as a joke to reference MegaStars no longer participating. At the conclusion of UCBW's fifth season, an real Hall of Fame was created to genuinely honor a select few who have contributed to UCBW for many years. Most inductees receive a custom championship belt engraved with their name and the year of their induction at an in-ring ceremony.

UCBW Hall of Fame Inductees

  • The Captain, 1/19/12, CageMatch: Tournament of Champions [2]
  • Frat Boy 3/27/15, WrestleSlamMania X
  • Bad Medicine 3/27/15, WrestleSlamMania X
  • CakeFace 3/27/15, WrestleSlamMania X
  • Marz, 3/27/15, WrestleSlamMania X
  • Bedbug, 8/17/2018, ReVengeance XIII [3]

[1] T.T. was made the first official inductee into the UCBW Hall of Fame as a surprise at his final show.

[2] The Captain's induction was intended for Hanukkaos V, but was not presented with his belt until early 2012.

[3] Along with a loving cup HOF trophy, Bedbug was presented with a gold-plated, unlimited Bed Bath & Beyond gift card.


  • UCBW Arena seats 14,000 and every single performance to date has been completely sold out. It is currently located at the UCB Theater's Hell's Kitchen location in New York, New York, USA (since December of 2017) and was previously at UCBT's Chelsea location (2006-2017).
  • Some early announcers made comments about unavailable MegaStars being away at a vacation spot named Blowjob Island. The location and and existence of the island remains unclear.

UCBW Links & Contact

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