Four Really Good Friends

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Four Really Good Friends is an improv group from New York based out of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. Though there are five players on the team, only four of them are really good friends.

The group met in an Improv 501 class taught by Anthony King, and has been coached by Porter Mason, Nate Smith, and Corey Brown.


Adam Bozarth, Patrick Clair, D'Arcy Erokan, Matt Mayer and Simon Philion.

Favored Warm-ups

  • My Name Is Baby, And I Like To Shake -- Chant
  • The Four Really Good Friends Roll Call Song
  • Why Were You Late, Bill Cosby?
  • Hey Adam Bozarth, What Are You Doing?
  • Spoons, Forks, and Stickers
  • 90's Dance Music Hot Spot
  • Johnny Walker Black Label