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Zip Zap Zop is one of the most basic warm-up exercises.

Level One

Players stand in a circle. One player, Player A, claps his hands, ending in a pointing position toward the direction of another player. Simultaneously Player A will say the nonsense word "Zip!" Player B repeats this action, clapping and pointing at another player, Player C, while saying "Zap!" Player C repeats this action, pointing at yet again another player while saying the word "Zop!" Players do not need to follow any order can clap and point at any other player they choose, but they should follow the patter of "zip, zap, zop."

Level Two

After the group has gotten sufficiently good at this, you can have them remove the clapping or the saying of the words "zip, zap & zop." Focus is passed from one person to another by just saying the words or by just clapping, not both.

Level Three

When they're really good at that, you can remove any clapping and words all-together. Focus is passed by making direct eye-contact.


  • In some regions, the nonsense word "zop" is often replaced with "zub."
  • At any point, the players can break from the circle and move freely about the room. They must still maintain the passing of focus from one person to the next.
  • Players can match and copy the manner in which they receive focus. Basically, you imitate the way "zip, zap or zop" was said to you as you pass it on to someone else.
  • This can also be played as an elimination game where everyone who says a word out of order (ie. saying "Zop" instead of "Zip") or takes too long is eliminated from the game till there is only one left.
  • Once the game has been mastered, invent your own "zips," "zaps," and "zops" and pass those around. Once a new pattern (ex: "potato," "gleep glop," "mother fucker") has been established, it should maintain it's original order. It can also keep the same energy and inflection as well (ex: always saying "potato" with an Irish accent, because that's how it was initiated).
  • Send multiple versions of the energy around at the same time. This can occur in a synchronous or asynchronous fashion. Synchronously, this round consists of "zip," said in unison, being sent by two different people simultaneously, then "zap," said in unison, being sent by the two recipients, and so forth. Asynchronously is more bent on listening, and less on group unity. You listen for what is sent to you, and then send the next one on. "Zips" and "zops" could then be thrown around simultaneously when playing asynchronously.

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