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Zenprov is the brainchild of Marshall Stern and represents a novel way of viewing Improv through the lens of Zen thought while also viewing Zen and Life in general through the unique lens of Improv. Nancy Howland Walker joined him in creating a full six-level curriculum for Players Workshop of the Second City in 2001 based on Zenprov.


Marshall and Nancy produce a free podcast entitled "Zenprov" which can be found at cia.libsyn.com

Episode Guide

  1. Defining Zenprov
  2. The Present Moment
  3. Listening
  4. Silence and Stillness
  5. Effortless Effort (Wu Wei)
  6. Trust
  7. It
  8. You Can't lie
  9. Group Mind
  10. Characters
  11. Relationships
  12. Narrative and Long Form
  13. The Rules, Zenified
  14. Making a Living
  15. More Living, Auditions & Questions
  16. Environmental Zen
  17. Equanimity in Hell
  18. Challenges
  19. Brave New Workshop
  20. The Juice
  21. Blocked (I Don't Care)
  22. Music in Improv
  23. A Zen Guest
  24. Actors and Improvisors
  25. Short Form
  26. The Momentous Moment
  27. Trust, Confidence and Control
  28. Relationship
  29. As The Wheel Turns
  30. The Zen of Teaching and Directing
  31. Symbols - The Language Of The Dream
  32. Wakefullness
  33. Traveling Light
  34. Attack and Defenselessness
  35. Bold Choices
  36. Hospital Zen
  37. The Finger and The Moon
  38. Art and Craft