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Zach Woods is a member of the Upright Citizens Brigade Touring Company and performers every Friday night with UCB House team The Stepfathers. Zach has studied at the Atlantic Theater Company. He has performed in many improv and sketch shows at the UCB Theater including the house teams Dillinger and The Shoves, the improvised movie show Instant Cinema, 5 Dudes, and Liberty Inn. He is also a popular teacher at UCB, and has taught improv at Columbia University, Duke University, and Lincoln Center. Zach is a writer/performer with the production company Cutman Films. He has also appeared on Late Night With Conan O’Brien, in the film Terrorists, and in many national television commercials.

Zach Woods began improvising at the age of 16. He commuted from his home in suburban Pennsylvania by train. To this day, no one is quite sure how he found out about the NYC improv scene. Zach demonstrated great improv instincts from the start - it is believed that due to his being a child, he never had problems discovering a childlike sense of play. Seriously, he was a small boy when he started.

When Zach first appeared at UCB, he could often be found standing in a corner struck with a gripping social terror. He would stand in silence, staring at the floor, unblinking. He was too scared of everything to speak. He generally behaved as Boo Radley does in the closing scenes of To Kill a Mockingbird as described by Scout.

Zach graduated from NYU with the help of his "academic advisor" Chris Gethard spread over multiple semesters. Zach has spent his time in improv trying to emulate Gethard, in ways including but not limited to his life choices, career path, physical strength, and sexual prowess.


Zach has always been nine feet tall.

Zach will apologize for almost anything.

Zach loves light blue button down shirts and old black Converse sneakers.

Like equally angular Nick Ross, the lanky Woods somehow plays cats and other feline characters with great success and oddly disconcerting accuracy.

Hometown: Yardley, PA