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Without Annette is an improv troupe based in Montreal, Canada. It was created in 1998 by six members of the McGill Improv club looking to take their improv to the next level. Their first show was performed at Bistro4 (no longer in existence). They have been the Comedy Nest's house improv troupe for the last ten years, have performed extensively across Quebec and have been heavily involved in the Montreal Fringe Festival.



The current line-up is (presented in the order they joined):

  • Nikki Silver
  • Bryan Walsh
  • Marc Rowland
  • Sean Michaels
  • Dan Kay
  • Nick Farah
  • Heidi Weeks


The first six members of Without Annette were:

  • Andrew Golding
  • Brian Sinasac
  • Amy Lang
  • Clare Jennings
  • Alex Wlasenko
  • Francois Vincent

None of the original members are currently active within the troupe.


There have been several other members along the way:

  • Gil Browdy (later joined Epione)
  • Immanuela van der Jagt

Montreal Fringe Festival

For the last five years, Without Annette has been involved with the festival either as a participant or as members of an award jury. In 2007, several members were selected to be on the jury for the Comedy Nest's - Best Comedy Award.


They have also created and performed four fully-improvised shows for the festival.

  • 2008: Argument with a Dolphin - an improvised long-form where the audience could choose between the narrative and a brief improv scene
  • 2006: Radio Days - an improvised long-form radio play done in the dark
  • 2005: Improv, Lies and Videotape - an improvised documentary
  • 2004: Murder, You Wrote - an improvised murder mystery

Improv Festivals

Without Annette has attended many improv festivals but some of the more recent ones include:

  • 2008 Toronto Improv Festival
  • 2006 Victoria Improv Festival
  • 2006 Vermont iFest

Additionally, Without Annette has been featured in the last two Montreal Improv Festivals.