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Will Hines is a performer and teacher at the UCBT.


He was a founding member of Monkeydick, Primal Bias, 1985 and Strongers. He also has belonged to Fire, Hot, Burn!, Team Brooklyn, Orchestra PIT, Arsenal, T.J. Monkeys, and The Stepfathers.

He was a member of the sketch group GameFace. He also co-wrote and starred in the sketch shows Citizen Nuts with Mitch Magee, Rob and Will Save America with Rob Lathan, Seven Fights with Matt DeCoster. He helped run The Osgood-Schlatter Show.

Will is known to be an improv old soul. He qualifies as an unofficial historian of the UCB community. If you buy him a beer and ask him about any team more than three years old, you are almost guaranteed to have an hours long and highly enjoyable conversation regarding improvisation and its history in New York City. He incorrectly insists that Mailer Daemon was better than Fwand.

Other Stuff

He directed some sketch shows including Joe Wengert and Neil Casey's Your Favorite Thing and the first four Mixtape '98 shows and Rob Lathan's Talent Show.

He ran the monthly video exhibition Channel 101NY from September 2006 through August 2007.

He taught at the UCBT starting in February 2005.

He set up this page so he'd have easy access to pages he wants to edit.

He is obsessed with the Boston Red Sox.