Wanna Sleep Over?

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Mother performed their show Wanna Sleep Over? from September 2001 through sometime in 2003 at the UCB Theater in NYC. It featured a form developed for the show with director Armando Diaz called, appropriately enough, the Sleep Over.


Inspired by the Swarm's show Slow Waltz Around Rage Mountain, Mother started rehearsing twice a week to develop what would be (hopefully) a show outside of Harold Night. Once a week they'd rehearse Harold with Andrew Secunda and a second time they'd rehearse what eventually became The Sleep Over with Armando Diaz. After arriving at the form, they workshopped it in a month of shows at Freaks Local in August 2001.

Show Structure

For the first half of the show, they'd perform the Sleep Over -- a character-driven show, in which a suggestion of words of advice then inspired each actor to come up with a mantra that would define their character choice. These "mantras" were repeated over and over with people returning to the sidelines until only two were left to repeat their mantras. The two characters would begin the first scene (somewhat similar to a Deconstruction first scene -- maybe a little more talky, discussions veering off onto tangents, etc). That scene was edited by the remaining performers assuming poses on the stage. They would then be "activated" by one of the first two performers. All subsequent scenes would be edited this way with the "statues" being activated by any character that we'd previously seen. After all characters had been activated, it was performers choice to "mix it up."

The second half of the show was never as settled. One form was called The Dream where Mother would ask the audience to pick a character from the first half of the show, and then the group would improvise what that character would dream that night.


The show elevated Mother from simply a popular Harold Team to one of the big three at UCBT (along with The Swarm and Respecto Montalbon. Characters from this show became the basis of Jason Mantzoukas and Jessica St. Clair's show I Will Not Apologize.