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Hey! Why are you removing "Moved to Harold Night" and "Returning to Mess Hall" distinctions? I understand at first there was a typo that said "Returning to Maude Night."

It seems to imply that the were placed on Harold from their spot on Mess Hall, like UCBNY does with Lloyd/Harold. That has only happened once with Mess Hall: Martha Fearnley.

Can we change the wording, then? "Harold Night Performer"? The format of the wiki does not really allow collation. This at least gives a tiny bit of info to a reader, without every single reader having to CTRL+F every single performer. Also "Returning to MESS HALL" is an interesting data point. It's more useful than, for example, "Returning to Harold Night" would be, because Mess Hall performers will often return years later and it is not obvious from skimming the most recent seasons. (I accidentally said Maude Night instead of MESS HALL again, I acknowledge!!)

What about one asterisk = "2nd time on Mess Hall", 2 asterisks = 3rd time, etc. There's only a small handful that's been on more than twice so it wouldn't be too difficult or cumbersome. Not sure about the Harold Night/Mess Hall relationship. It almost takes away from the achievement of Mess Hall by highlighting that it isn't Harold