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Jason Boxer is an NYC-based improviser originally from the LA area.


Jason got his start with ComedySportz LA's High School League, and is now at NYU playing with Dangerbox. He also performs solo shows under the show name A Nice Guy Doing Good Things. Still a college student, he splits his time interning essentially everywhere, and has worked for The PIT, Magnet, UCB, Story Pirates, The Annoyance, Queens Secret Improv Club, and ComedySportz New York. He is studying Educational Theatre at NYU. He is a co-founder and -host of the NYC Student Improv Jam.

Improv teachers


The Magnet

ComedySportz New York

ComedySportz LA

Various coaches

Lucas Zachary Hazlett, Langston Belton, Pat Swearingen, J.W. Crump, and Oscar Montoya.

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