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Christopher Conklin was a North Carolina-based improviser. Before that, he was a Philadelphia-based improviser. Before that, he was a Haverford-based improviser. Before that, he wasn't an improviser.

He's played with The Throng, Rare Bird Show, Four String Samurai, and Mister Diplomat.

2000-2003: The Throng

Christopher was a founding member of Haverford College's The Throng and played with them from 2000 to 2003, including at the 2003 Del Close Marathon.

In January of 2002 he took level 1 at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre with Armando Diaz. He ran out of money before sign-ups for level two began.

2003-2004: Rare Bird Show

Christopher was a founding member of the Philadelphia longform troupe Rare Bird Show. He played their first show in 2003 before leaving for Paris, France and six months of genial indolence. He returned to America in time to perform with Rare Bird at the 2004 Del Close Marathon.

2004-2007: DSI

Christopher and his then-new wife moved to North Carolina in the summer of 2004. Christopher studied at DSI Comedy Theater with Zach Ward, Ross White, and Corey Brown. He was asked to join the indie team Four String Samurai soon after arriving in NC, and played with the team until they went into semi-retirement in 2008. In early 2005 Christopher was cast on DSI house team Take the Box!, with whom he performed Harold for a year. Take the Box! played the 2005 Del Close Marathon.

In 2006, Christopher began playing Mister Diplomat, DSI's monologue deconstruction show. Diplomat was Christopher's date to the 2006 Del Close Marathon.

While at DSI, Christopher taught training center classes and festival workshops, directed Harold and other longform shows, managed the training center, and served as co-artistic director.

2007-2008: Four String Samurai

Beginning in 2007, Four String Samurai began performing independently in various local venues, notably in an hour-long variety/improv format creatively titled "The Samurai Hour."

2008-present: inactivity

Christopher is like this dad-guy now. He doesn't stay out late enough to do anything, ever.