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Uno was an improv show produced by Terry Jinn. It ran from 2002-2003.

It featured a rotating cast of improvisers and often was the anchor segment of the show Drinkytown produced by Shannon Manning at Parkside Lounge.

It is often thought of as the precursor to the improv show The Project.


Players included such people as Pat Baer, Brandon Calhoun, Tony Carnevale, Millicent Cho, Kirk Damato, Angela DeManti, Curtis Gwinn, Will Hines, Terry Jinn, Shannon Manning, Jen MacNeil, Maddy Mako, Alex Marino, Doug Moe, Tiffany Morningstar, Megan Neuringer, Shannon O'Neill, Matt Pack, Louie Pearlman, Jamie Rivera, Liuba Shapiro, Rosemary Stevens, Shelly Stover, Sean Taylor, amongst others.


No hands of the card game Uno were ever played during the show.

The origin of the show name is under dispute, as seen in this IRC thread:

According to Jeff Scherer: "...That the name came from a scene we did when we were a nameless pickup team. Two of us were in a house that was being carried away by a tornado, and a third person knocked at the door. I believe I (or maybe it was Terry) suggested we play Uno. And then the next week it was called Uno."

According to Tiffany Morningstar: "If I remember correctly, the name came from Matt Pack doing a call back of the line, 'There can be only one' in Spanish, during the pick up team show of which [Jeff Scherer] speaks. And then the next week it was called Uno."

According to Maddy Mako: "Or attempting to say "there can be only one" in Spanish, but actually saying, 'I can simply Uno!'"

According to Shannon Manning: "Esto puedo solemente uno! (This can only one!) Is how I remember it, but what do I know, that was 3 months ago and I'm an old woman now."