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Team History

Twelve Thousand Dollars was a New York City based Harold Team at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. They performed during Harold Night from August 28, 2007 to April 22, 2008.

A number of the performers on Twelve Thousand Dollars had already been performing on indie teams together prior to the creation of the Harold Team. Aubrey Plaza, Craig Rowin, and Joe Spellman performed together in the indie group Sherpa. Jen Bartels and Chris Schell were both members of indie group Machine Wash Tuxedo.


Craig Rowin, Jennifer Bartels, Joe Spellman, Aubrey Plaza, Mike Still, Matt Fisher, Michael Paoli, Chris Schell

Members went on to the teams Bangs and Whorenado.


Twelve Thousand Dollars long term coaches were Michael Delaney, Kate Spencer, Will Hines and Porter Mason. It must be noted that soon after Porter Mason began coaching Twelve Thousand Dollars, they were disbanded. It must be noted.

It also must be noted that Will Hines only coached us for a month. That's it. One Month.

Other notable coaches include Charlie Sanders and Jon Gabrus.


Twelve Thousand Dollars would warm up before every show by doing the sing-songy warm-up "Che Che Coolay," brought to the group by Aubrey Plaza via her group Bombardo.


A picture of Twelve Thousand Dollars performing on Harold Night was featured in a New York Times article titled "Class Clowns." Unfortunately, the Times cropped Matt Fisher out of the image. ([1])

Their starter name was Death Molar.

12K, as the were sometimes known, also dabbled with the idea of naming the group "September 12th."

With Kate Spencer at the helm, Twelve Thousand Dollars once did a 45 minute organic that left every member of the team covered with sweat.

They would frequently do Musical Group Games for their 2nd Group Game of the Harold.

Chris Schell Trivia

Chris Schell once did a scene in practice where he labeled someone, "Rowdy Rowdy Dinosaur"

During a DCM07 workshop, when asked by Matt Besser what a scene was about, Chris Schell responded, "Well... we're on a beast island..."

Chris Schell once whipped a horse for a whole rehearsal scene and the second beat.

In rehearsals, Chris Schell twice made coach Will Hines laugh so hard he cried. Once was recounting a dream to Michael Paoli he had about walking a road lined with Twinkies.

Chris Schell convinced his mother that Dewey Cox (the titular character of the 2007 film Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story) was a real singer in the 60's.

During a scene, Chris Schell referred to an internet dating site named, "She Looks For Him."

Chris Schell's dad is a country singer, who won a contest for a Kentucky Fried Chicken radio contest.

Chris Schell filmed a ridiculous viral promo [2] for the Rory and Craig sketch show at the UCBT.