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A series of scenes all taking place at the same time in and around one location. This show ran from March 8th to May 31, 2000 at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York. It followed up on Individually Wrapped which had a similar cast.

Over there, around the corner, upstairs, in that passing car, something is happening. One slice of life, thirty different angles.

For example, off a suggestion of "fish water" the first scene is the back of a restaurant where two workers are gutting fish. A waiter walks through at one point and drops off a stack of dishes. A later scene might show the dining room of the restaurant where two customers are arguing, and at one point a waiter comes in a stacks up their plates and leaves -- the moment before of what we've seen in the first scene.

Players remained backstage during the scenes. To edit a scene, and actor -- usually not in the current scene -- would step forward and face the audience and begin speaking while the actors from the previous scene cleared. Then the speaking actor would continue his speech as he settled into the new scene, and another actor would step out to reveal who he had been talking to.

The idea for the show was largely lifted from Close Quarters, a show which ran a few years before at Second City in Chicago.


Michael Delaney, Andrew Secunda, Sean Conroy, Rob Corddry, Kevin Mullaney. Directed by Kevin Mullaney.