Town Council

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Town Council

Origin Town Council is a form developed by Bearded Men Improv and is based on a basic Harold.

Needed This form works well for mid to larger sized groups. -Two improvisers to take on the roles as leaders of the meeting (Two helps in keeping each other in check and helping move the meeting along). -Other improvisers act as town people.

How it Works The "leaders" make up a town name, call the meeting to order and get a few an audience suggested town problems. The other improvisers disperse into the audience to act as citizens.

From here, they all (leaders and improviser citizens) discuss the main issue and possible scenarios to solve it. After this brief discussion period, all improvisers participate in scenes based off the provided scenarios. The scenes may or may not be exactly like the scenarios, but should always be helping move the whole story forward. They can involve characters from the meeting or new ones.

After three or four scenes, we return to the town meeting, with the same people acting as the leaders, to quickly discuss how well the previous scenes helped the overall problem or didn’t and to suggest more.

This pattern continues until some type of resolution is come to, but most likely only three, maybe four times will it return to the meeting. The set can either end with the town meeting being adjourned or during a wrap up type scene.

First Performed First performed in October 2008 in Fargo, ND with Bearded Men Improv.\