Tom Ridgely

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Member of Big Black Car. He teaches improv at The PIT. Tom is the Co-founder of theater company, Waterwell. Directed Life In Pink, Sweetness & Light, The Persians…a comedy about war with five songs, Marco Millions (based on lies) [Drama Desk nomination] and The|King|Operetta for the company. He has been a puppeteer with Those Funny Little People in Chicago, IL; danced in the International Dance Festival, CalArts Dances Downtown and with SYREN Modern Dance in NYC


Cass Bugge's Unrelated People (Wild Project); Kim Gatewood's The Engagement (UCB); Centralia's Uncle and Au Bon Panic(PIT); Gatewood, Johnson & Lowe's The Apple Sisters (various), Paden Fallis' The Play About The Coach (Tank, Philly Fringe) and Rob Reese's Paradigm (Gotham City).