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Improvisation and Theater

In the early 90's, Tina began studying at ImprovOlympic in Chicago. She was soon put on Inside Vladimir with her classmate Amy Poehler. While still remaining on Vladimir she was also added to Mr. Blonde and performed on both house teams until she began working for Second City. At iO she also performed in the Living Room with the Family. She was promoted to Second City Mainstage to replace Scott Glasier in Pinata Full of Bees. She went on to write and perform in two more reviews there Citizen Gates and Paradigm Lost before being hired to write for Saturday Night Live.

During her time at iO, she met her husband Jeff Richmond, who was one of the musical directors there.

Television and Film

  • Writer for Saturday Night Live. She became the head writer at SNL and eventually co-hosted Weekend Edition.
  • Creator and star of 30 Rock.
  • Wrote and starred in Mean Girls.

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