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Tim is currently a member of Airwolf and an alumnus of Badman. He was also in that show Beneath Gristedes, and he hosted Harold Night by confidently pumping a football.

"Timmy" is best remembered as the lead fictional character in Lassie

Possible Heights





On July 18th, 2011, Tim Martin got a haircut. He premiered the hair cut that week at Harold Night. Students have called the hair cut "pretty great."

Improvisation News

Improvisationnews.com recently ran a feature where students wrote about their experiences in Level 1 improv schools around New York City. In the UCB review, the student wrote that he or she "cannot believe how much [the] instructor looks like Conan O'Brien." Improv supersleuth and Tim Martin authority Alexis Pereira has surmised that this instructor is none other than Tim Martin.

IN News ran a second review of Tim Martin on May 16, 2011. In the review, he was cited as one of UCB's better teachers but "not an improv buddy," though there was an understanding of why Tim "made that choice." Tim feels most alone in crowded rooms.


Does a pretty solid David Caruso.

Apparently, Conan O'Brien.

That guy from Beat Happening.

Tim's Don Pardo impression is very similar to his DeNiro impression. They are both really bad.