The Wilhelm

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The Wilhelm was a PIT House Team that performed in repertory on Super Free Wednesday at The Peoples Improv Theater.


The Wilhelm performed as a PIT House Team from January 2008 - January 2010. For their first show, the tentative name issued to the group by the PIT was Team Black (one of The PIT colors). As a result, they all dressed in black for their first show. This influenced the group's decision to always wear black, white and gray when performing. They performed as part of Super Free Wednesday for two years, first with Vacation Island, and later with Tomahawk.


The Wilhelm performed in the following festivals:

"In The Dark: An Improvised Film Noir"

In October 2009, The Wilhelm created and performed an original improv longform known as In The Dark: An Improvised Film Noir. They performed it at The Peoples Improv Theater on numerous occasions.