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The Twitter Show took place on July 7th, 2010 at The Peoples Improv Theater. It debuted a new form created by Natasha Rothwell and was performed in The Faculty and Friends as part of that night's Super Free Wednesday.


Rothwell created the form while taking The PIT's Level 5 Improv class with Scott Eckert (a member of The Faculty). The structure of the course requires the class to create and perform their own improv form, and while the social media form was not used in the class graduation show, Eckert extended her an invitation to perform it with The Faculty.

The Form

The social media form used during The Twitter Show starts with a suggestion from the audience; an actual status update, or tweet. From there, the social media terms (i.e. liking, poking, re-tweeting) become integral in the flow of the show, which is technically a Montage. Status updates from the performers are delivered as asides to the audience as ways of furthering scenes.

The Show

When performed in Rothwell's class, the tweets used for the show came from the personal phones of the performers. For The Twitter Show, Chris Grace created a hashtag for the audience to send tweets to the performers during the show. This created a show where the audience could inform the show throughout the show. Throughout the madness of over 80 people tweeting their own thoughts on current scenes, performers or the direction they would like to see things go, The Twitter Show is remembered as a ground-breaking improv experiment that boldly mixed social media and live performance in a way that hadn't been done ever before.

Nate Starkey

Nate Starkey played "Ask Jeeves" for almost the duration of the entire show.


Rothwell, while "itchin" to do it again, has not performed a similar format since, leaving The Twitter Show as the only social media driven show ever performed at the theater.

The Performers