The Tuscarora Fire Company Picnic Musical

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The Tuscarora Fire Company Picnic Musical was a musical monoscene performed by Tuscarora Fire Company Picnic on Wednesday, March 16th, 2011 at The Peoples Improv Theater. The show was part of Super Free Wednesday at The PIT.


The show was a commemorative send-off for teammate Desiree Nash, who was leaving for four months to perform on cruise ships with The Second City. Nash was a member of Baby Wants Candy and had taught numerous musical improv workshops, but the rest of TFCP had little to no experience in the field. At Nash's request, and as a tribute to her time on the team, they decided to perform a musical for her last show.

The Show

The Tuscarora Fire Company Picnic Show took place in a Starbucks. The opening number was "Coffee for Sale". Memorable characters included Nikhil Rao as The Boston Masterbator, and Andy Costello as a man who didn't think he could sing. Through a group song, however, his courage was re-stored, and Costello sang a brave number about singing a number.

The Performers/Pseudonyms