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A longform improv theatre based in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. Founded in October, 2007.

Founding Troupes

The Torch was created from the members of six Phoenix based longform troupes.


The Torch Theatre plays at several venues throughout Phoenix. Primary venues include:

  • Space 55 - 636 E. Pierce St. Phoenix
  • The Trunk Space - 1506 NW. Grand Ave. Phoenix
  • The Paramount Theater - 420 N. Florence St. Casa Grande

Training Center

The Torch currently has a 4 level training center.

  • Level I: Intro to Longform Scenework
  • Level II: Longform Performance
  • Level III: Advanced Forms
  • Level IV: Performance Building

Student Troupes

A list of Student Performance Groups from The Torch Training Center

  • Oranges for President
  • Something to Smoke About
  • When Harold Met Sally
  • Oranges Last Stand
  • Avatar Gangbang
  • Snuffleupaguses
  • Helens and Troy
  • The Craig's List All-Stars
  • Less Talky, More Cocky
  • Pierce Street Angels
  • Professor Sassybaskets
  • Grape Drink
  • Six Pack

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