The Spinoffs

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The Spinoffs are a longform improv team in New York City. Their current members are Rob Michael Hugel, Shannon Coffey, Eddie Brawley, Tony Rodriguez, Dan Klein, Dustin Drury, and Leslie Meisel.


The Spinoffs formed in September 2008 when Rob, Shannon, Tony, and Eddie were booked for a show at Gotham City Improv with Bombardo. The team name was decided because the first 3 members were "spun" off of a previous team, Ladies Room.


Founding members: Shannon Coffey, Rob Michael Hugel, Tony Rodriguez, and Eddie Brawley. Between October and December 2008 Dan Klein, Leslie Meisel, Tim Martin, and Dustin Drury joined. In March 2009 Tim Martin left the group.


Chelsea Clarke, Kevin Hines