The Silver Bullet Band

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The Silver Bullet Band was an eight-person team that was put together from audience members for a one-night only performance at UCB's Cage Match on April 7, 2005. Despite being mostly made up of good improvisers, the Silver Bullet Band performed a spectacularly awful, booze-fueled show that devolved into a clusterfuck of tremendous magnitude.

Team Members

Eric Appel, Mo Fathelbab, Chris Gethard, Curtis Gwinn, Shannon O'Neill, Jaime Skinner, Josh Sturgis, and the mysterious Lugo

Auspicious Beginnings

For one reason or another (the scheduled team dropping out?), a challenger was needed to go up against Krompf in that week's Cage Match. Eight improvisers were picked at random from the crowd. They were assigned the name "Silver Bullet Band" in honor of Cage Match co-host Eric Scott's love of Bob Seger.

Why It Was So Awful

Many onlookers assign blame to a man named Lugo, the only team member unknown to the general improv community. Visibly drunk, he would not only deny his fellow performers but at times became verbally and physically abusive towards them. To be fair, though, it appeared as though some other members of the team were at least tipsy. As the show continued, a general air of hopelessness seemed to settle over the team. Every sincere attempt at good scenework was met with a denial and there were walk-ons aplenty, many by Lugo.

The Crowd Turns

As the team broke down, the crowd became bloodthirsty. Leading the charge was (a possibly intoxicated) John Reynolds, whose laugh would reverberate through the theatre before he would shout the observation "MELTDOWN!" or the suggestion "TOUCH THE CLOCK!" (suggesting that the team intentionally break the rules and take the automatic loss to spare the audience more of the same). Several times a chant of "Lu-go! Lu-go!" would begin when Lugo would yet again walk into someone else's scene.

The End Result

At the end of the show an abashed Chris Gethard made an impassioned plea for the audience to vote for the other team. For the most part they did, and Kromph won 48 to 6. Who those 6 are, no one knows, although it was actually 5 people. One person voted for The Silver Bullet Band twice.

A definitely drunk Curtis Gwinn was standing at the bar earnestly predicting a big win for The Silver Bullet Band when the result was announced. "What? I can't believe it! Our show was DEFINITELY better!" was his response, reports Will Hines.


The Silver Bullet Band is lovingly referenced today by those who saw it as a good example of how not to perform longform improv.

The Golden Bullet Band, another team formed from audience members for a 2007 Cage Match, was named as a tribute to The Silver Bullet Band. The Golden Bullet Band apparently did much better than its predecessor.