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The Shoves was a New York City based Harold Team at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. They performed from November 9, 2004 to March 28, 2006.


Sarah Burns, Brett Christensen, Angeliki George, Bobby Moynihan, Lennon Parham, Risa Sang-urai, Erik Tanouye, Zach Woods


The Shoves used to be Dillinger, a respected and popular Harold team of the time. But when Anthony King and Joe Wengert left to join/form Reuben Williams the remaining members chose to start over with a new name, as well as two new members, Bobby Moynihan and Angeliki George (who had been on Police Chief Rumble).

The Shoves quickly became a great team in their own right. They often gave their shows a theme and bent Harold structure to suit the suggestion. Part of this was from the influence of their long-time coach Peter Gwinn. They had very strong sound-and-movement / organic openings which would evolve into a form for their show.

The Shoves' opening was one of the most distinctive and exciting. Set to the song "D&K Cadence" from the film "Drum Line," two of the Shoves would do crossing cartwheels across the semi-dark multicolored blinking stage. At the song's climax the lights would come up full as the team entered and aggressively jumped around the stage.

Among memorable Shoves shows:

  • a show which became more and more like a series of Arthur Miller plays.
  • a show which took place entirely in the head of Risa.
  • "sports" -- a show in which the group games showed the actors on a bench discussing the "game" (Harold).
  • A Hitchcock show in which Tanouye spied on each scene with binoculars from a wheelchair a la "Rear Window."


  • The Shoves for a period wore brightly-colored shirts and entered the stage doing cartwheels.