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The Scene is a showcase of three improvised one-act plays that ran from 2010-2013 at the Peoples Improv Theater in New York City. It was hosted by Micah Sherman and Dan Hodapp, and regularly featured improvisers from The Magnet and the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater as well. It was perhaps the most well-regarded Monoscene show in the city, and is currently seeking residency at a formal, non-comedy theater.

Show format

While at the PIT, the show was broken into three distinct performances. Each was given a title that persisted every week: "The First Act," "Act Two," and "The Scene Players." Sherman and Hodapp emceed the evening, introducing each ensemble, and then joined as performers for "The Scene Players'" set. Each Monoscene lasted about a half hour, making it a longer show than most performed at the PIT.

Theatrical style

The Scene prided itself on its theatricality and showmanship. Performers were referred to as "actors," not improvisers, the term "Monoscene" was never used ("plays" replaced it), and audience members were discouraged from going to the in-house bar during the performances so as not to disrupt the show.


Many of the Scene's core performers were primarily based out of the PIT. These included Cathleen Carr, Chris Roberti, Steve Siddell, Julie Sharbutt, Ashley Ward, and Paul Gutkowski, as well as Sherman. Charlie Todd was a recurring cast member as well, and Jodi Lennon also appeared frequently. Members of Doppleganger have performed with The Scene as well. Mike Doughty made occasional appearances, providing improvised musical score for the performances. The casts of most past performances are available for viewing at the Scene's website.

Final PIT performance

The final performance at the PIT featured the following cast:
The First Act

Act Two

The Scene Players
(Hodapp was absent from this performance.)

Act One

The Scene began hosting a de facto "farm team" version of itself at the PIT every Sunday entitled Act One. Act One is hosted by the monoscene-focused team Skycopter, as well as guest indie teams and a final act in which audience members are invited on stage to play with a featured player from The Scene.

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