The Scam

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Team History

The Scam is a New York City based Harold Team at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. The team made their debut on May 20, 2008. Members of The Scam previously performed on the Harold Teams 1985, Fwand, Creep and Beverly Hills.


Birch Harms, Erik Tanouye, Tara Copeland, Jeff Hiller, Kevin Hines, Risa Sang-urai, Jesse Falcon, Eddie Dunn

Gregory Tuculescu replaced Betsy Stover (who went on to DeCoster) in September 2008.

Tara Copeland and Jesse Falcon replaced Gregory Tuculescu (who went to The Law Firm) and Porter Mason (who went to Reuben Williams) in January 2009.


Their starter name was Amazon Tusk.

Coached by Brandon Gardner from May 2008 until October 2008.