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THE PRESIDENT is one of the four original Maude Teams at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City. They performed on Maude Night under the first Maude model, in which the team members were all writers. Some Maude writers regularly performed in Maude Night shows, but most of the Maude casts were selected each month from the roster of current UCBT performers. THE PRESIDENT existed from May 2007 to February 2008.


Jesse Acini, Damian Chadwick, Crystal Delahanty, Adam Mingione, Hal Phillips, and Rita Stefanidis.


Cast members changed each month and included Susannah Becket, Brian Berrebbi, Greg Burke, Eugene Cordero, Devlyn Corrigan, Sue Galloway, Fran Gillespie, Donald Glover, Nate Lang, Molly Lloyd, Amber Petty, DC Pierson, Ben Rodgers, Nick Ross, Craig Rowin, Jim Santangeli, Achilles Stamatelaky, and Greg Tuculescu.


Chris Kula, Gavin Speiller, Will Hines, and Dominic Dierkes.


  • The starter names of the first Maude Teams were anagrams of the words "UPRIGHT CITIZENS BRIGADE THEATRE." THE PRESIDENT's starter name was NICE ZITS.
  • Crystal Delahanty and Adam Mingione were in the same UCB Sketch 101 class when they were selected to be on THE PRESIDENT. The instructor was Chris Kula, who became THE PRESIDENT's first director. In that same S101 class was Choking Victim's Maggie Carey.
  • Damian Chadwick and Hal Phillips are teammates in the independent improv group Sherpa. Fellow Sherpa members Mike Cavanaugh and Craig Rowin both appeared in THE PRESIDENT's Maude shows.
  • The members of THE PRESIDENT were the cast of their first Maude Night show.
  • Will Hines was their director for only one month of writers meetings. What would have been THE PRESIDENT's only Will Hines-directed show was scheduled for Monday November 19, 2007. Alas, that Maude Night was canceled in favor of a live performance of the sitcom "30 Rock" to benefit the then-striking Writers Guild of America.
  • Performed at the 2007 Longest Sketch Show Ever, UCB Theatre NYC.
  • Four members of THE PRESIDENT were chosen to write for the second generation of Maude Teams: Jesse Acini with The Skuntz, Damian Chadwick with mixtape '98, Crystal Delahanty with Stone Cold Fox, and Adam Mingione with 27 Kidneys. Mingione quit 27 Kidneys in favor of graduate school before Kidneys' first Maude show.