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The Oxford Imps are the improvisational comedy troupe associated with Oxford University. They are based in Oxford, England, where they perform weekly during University term-time.

They were reviewed as "the best improvised comedy show I have ever had the pleasure to witness" by Edinburgh Fringe festival magazine ThreeWeeks in 2007.


The Oxford Imps formed in 2003, and it is a debated subject as to whether they are Oxford University's first improvisational comedy troupe. As there is little evidence to contest it, many reviews and publications regarding the troupe refer to the group as indeed the University's first improv group, however the group itself does not lay claim to the title.

Since 2004, the Imps have performed at the Edinburgh Fringe each year. They have previously toured to Bosnia and Utrecht in the Netherlands. They have also toured numerous times to Chicago and Providence, and have performed in Nashville. In February 2008, the Oxford Imps also performed a full-length improvised musical at the Moser Theatre in Wadham College, Oxford, for four nights.

As of February 2009, the Oxford Imps have performed 256 shows at the Wheatsheaf Pub in Oxford, 134 shows at the Edinburgh Fringe, 61 private shows in Oxford, 2 shows in Holland, 3 shows in Cambridge, 5 shows in London, 1 show in York, and 6 shows in the USA, making a total of 468 shows, not including street performances. They have also performed radio shows on Oxide Radio, BBC Radio Oxford, and Fest FM.

TV Appearance

On the 25th March 2009 the Oxford Imps' appearance on British daytime TV quiz Eggheads was broadcast on BBC2. The team included John Gethin, Jim Grant, Rachel Parris, Alex Steer, Tom Wilkinson and Lauren Johnson as reserve team member.

Famous members

  • Rose Heiney, daughter of Paul Heiney (TV reporter) and Libby Purves (radio presenter and author), finalist in Channel 4's 'So You Think You're Funny?' 2004, and author of The Days of Judy B
  • John Gethin, winner of the UK reality TV show Beauty and the Geek (UK TV series)
  • Heather McRobie, winner of the Hélène du Coudray Prize and author of the novel Psalm 119

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