The Osgood-Schlatter Show

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Sketch and stand-up alternative comedy show created and hosted by Rob Lathan and featuring many performers from the UCBT community. Will Hines was a frequent co-organizer.


Rob wanted to do a show, so he rented space at Under St. Marks for four Saturdays in a row. He opened every show with a bit/sketch then featured his friends doing stuff. This continued over the next three or four years on a frequent basis. It was featured at the UCBT for a while as a place for people to try out stuff, eventually being replaced by Liquid Courage. Will Hines wrote his first sketches ever for this crazy thing, often for Rob.

Rob's Bits

Among Rob's most prominent routines to debut at Osgood:

  • 7th Grade Girls Basketball Coach telling stand-up jokes about refs (originally Mark Cuban)
  • Speed Eater
  • High-Energy guy (eventually Get Psyched Dr. Lanny Latham)
  • Guy who is always getting pranked
  • Guy who keeps joining cults
  • Guy who wears headgear and loves AC/DC more than anything

Other People's Bits

  • Ptolemy making everyone promise to close their eyes, then taking off his clothes, which everyone saw
  • Ptolemy directing several mostly improvised sketches including one where half of it happened backstage -- performed twice in a row to show each half.
  • Brett Gelman as a landlord talking about turning his life around
  • Will Hines accidentally masturbating to himself
  • Jane Borden's butchy R.A. character
  • Chris Kula narrating Rob as "shitty chess player."
  • Rob Huebel as a Guardian Angel trying to recruit people
  • Jackie Clarke with early versions of her one-woman show
  • Curtis and John improvising several sets
  • Charlie Sanders and Police Chief Rumble debuted their sketch Truth at Osgood.

The show was performed at the Ha! Comedy Fest in 2003.


Krista Amigone

Rachel Biello

Jane Borden

Owen Burke

Jackie Clarke

Sean Conroy

Jon Daly

Matt DeCoster

Noel Dineen

Dannah Feinglass

Brett Gelman

John Gemberling

Curtis Gwinn

Ed Helms

Kevin Hines

Will Hines

Brian Huskey

Chris Kula

Rob Lathan

Mitch Magee

Porter Mason

Jessica Myles

Dan Powell

Andy Rocco

Paul Scheer

Jeff Scherer

Ptolemy Slocum



Not to be confused with Osgood-Schlatter disease, a disorder of the knee joint.

Rob was arrested hanging posters to promote this show.

Rob once accidentally introduced Jon Daly's rapper character "MC Skills" (eventually MC Record Deal) as "McSkills," which was hilarious.