The Opera

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A longform improv group in New York City which performed at the UCB Theatre on Harold Night from April 13th, 2010 to January 5th, 2011.


Ellena Chmielewski, Don Fanelli, Michael Kayne, Johnny McNulty, Opus Moreschi, Nathan Russell, Laura Willcox, Moujan Zolfaghari


Far away and long ago, a pact was sworn among some villains of the old realm. Under pain of death, this motley band pledged to propagate a lineage that would one day yield a tribe of miscreants so vile, so inhuman that Lucifer himself would tremble in their view. Cadre of terror, they would be called. Kings of vengeance, some would whisper.

Yesterdays spun into todays; autumns tobogganed into winters. Old promises must needs be kept. Upon the setting of the next sun, heed the warnings of the evening birds and flee: The Opera is risen.


  • Johnny brings sandwiches to BBQs
  • Moujan is afraid of pools
  • Kayne's dick is magic
  • Ellena is a descendant of Napoleon Hill
  • Opus turns into a sea monster after 10:30pm
  • Nate works as a sexy operator for a gay hotline after 10pm on Wednesdays
  • Laura now works as a non-profit documentary producer filming the homeless all day
  • Don is a real good looking guy