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[http://ioimprov.com/west/io/shows/the-one-hour-improv-festival-with-english-speaking-moose IO West show page]]
[http://ioimprov.com/west/io/shows/the-one-hour-improv-festival-with-english-speaking-moose IO West show page]
[http://www.visitthemoose.moonfruit.com English Speaking Moose website]
[http://www.visitthemoose.moonfruit.com English Speaking Moose website]

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The One Hour Improv Festival is a weekly show at IO WEST hosted and run by the group English Speaking Moose. The show debuted at the theater in March 2010 and each week consists of different teams performing a variety of long forms in 15-25 minute time slots, and also includes an open long form improv jam where anybody can get on-stage and perform. The form performed by the jam is "The Merlin."

Its tagline is: "All the best parts of an improv festival, in one hour, every week"

The show is notable for having well known improvisers and comedians guest perform in the show.


English Speaking Moose is:


IO West show page

English Speaking Moose website