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The Neon Venus Art Theatre was created in 2008 by the band Neon Venus.

Neon Venus was part of the large Latin indie explosion of music in 2000-2010, and the band had four music videos and one rockumentary on MTVEspanol (now MTV3), VHUno and MTV Puerto Rico. In 2008, the band used their indie style and punk underground marketing savvy to open the Neon Venus Art Theatre in Las Vegas. Then in 2009, they opened the Hollywood venue. Currently, they focus only in Los Angeles.

The artistic director and owner of the venue, Lissette Salazar Napoleoni (lead singer of Neon Venus) has an Advertising/Journalism Degreee from the Ohio State University, a Masters Degree from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor (Film, TV) and has acting training from Jeff Conaway (Taxi, Grease) and the Groundlings, as well as dance training from the Edge and Milennium. She has also sung, danced, dj'd and hosted shows in several casinos in Las Vegas.

Because of her extensive arts training and experience, she books and produces a variety of acts throughout the month, but the main focus is improv comedy. She performs comedy throughout the year with a couple of groups, including the Sketch-a-phrenics. She also auditions and selects coaches for her Improv progrram, which started in 2012. Then serves as artistic director for the shows.

Currently there are 40-50 shows every month. The Neon Venus Art Theatre also offers great classes for adults looking to develop their skills in acting and the arts. All throughout the year we feature filmmaking seminars and screenings, art openings, comedy/improv and band shows in Hollywood.

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Located at: 7023 Melrose Ave Los Angeles, CA 90038.