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The New York City Student Improv Jam is a monthly event organized by the college improv community of New York City. It is usually hosted at NYU.


The Student Jam was founded by Jason Boxer and Patrick Sweeney during their Sophomore years at NYU. It was modeled after The PIT's weekly Monday night jam Base Jam.


As of January 2016, students from NYU, Columbia, The New School, Sarah Lawrence College, Fordham, St. John's University, the Steven's Institute of Technology, NJIT, and the Fashion Institute of Technology. have all participated in the jam. This includes members from the following college ensembles: Dangerbox, Hammerkatz, After School Special, Pasadena Golf Club, Home Improvment, Dirt Circle, Bechdel Test, SLC Lampoon, Stranded in Pittsburgh, Beekeepers, Off Center, Bad Astronauts, and Third Wheel.

In 2016, the Student Jam partnered with the College Improv Tournament to host a Jam for the Big Apple Regional competition. This was the first time that teams from outside of New York City participated in a Jam, and it included students from: Savannah College of Art and Design, Harvard University, Binghamton College, American University, Brown University, New Jersey Institute of Technology, and the University of Connecticut.

The Student Jam continued expanding in 2016, hosting events at the National College Comedy Festival and the Georgetown ImprovFest.


The spirit of the jam is one of inclusivity. It was founded to extend performance opportunities to more students in the New York area, as most of the ensembles listed above regularly had far more people at auditions than they could reasonably accept into their ranks. It has grown into an attempt to build a larger community out of the college improv scene in New York City.

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