The Miles Stroth Workshop

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The Miles Stroth Workshop (now called The Pack Theater) is an independently run improv and sketch comedy training program/theater in Los Angeles, founded by longtime teacher and performer, Miles Stroth.


The program is intended for the improviser who is looking to improve their overall performance skill and further their understanding of long-form improvisation. In addition to the improv program, there is also a sketch writing and performing program. Workshops take place in Hollywood, California.


(Improv Program)

  • Miles Stroth
  • Brian O'Connell
  • Emily Candini
  • Sean Conroy
  • Timmy Mayse

(Sketch Program)

  • Eric Moneypenny
  • Sam Brown
  • Heather Anne Campbell


Graduates from the program include the groups: (Improv)

(Sketch Comedy)

  • Brute Squad
  • Magic Girls
  • Crunch Time
  • Pet Cemetery
  • Super Kudzu
  • Dumbshit Mountain
  • Hazardous Material
  • Party Butt
  • Selfie and the City
  • DJ Faucet