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A comedy theater in New York, founded in 2005, featuring longform improv, musical improv, sketch comedy, and storytelling shows and classes.

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Magnet is an improvisational comedy theater and improv school in New York City. Located a few blocks below Madison Square Garden in Chelsea, Magnet offers audiences great comedy shows consistently recommended by critics, tourists, locals, comedy snobs, and people looking for a great cheap date. Plus, there's beer and wine.

And if you're interested in learning to improvise, Magnet training is designed to turn normal human beings into exceptional well-rounded improvisors. Our instructors believe everyone can become an excellent improvisor and our graduates prove it onstage, performing hilarious, inventive, in-the-moment comedy seven nights a week.

Founded in 2005 by veteran improv instructors from Chicago, and led by Armando Diaz, Magnet's mission is to teach the skills necessary to do original, honest, and instantly brilliant comedy. Our program has been thoughtfully crafted so novices and veterans alike will build and strengthen their skills from class to class, and level to level. Each component builds on the previous one, with an emphasis on bringing out the best in each improvisor and building a diverse skill-set, not on trying to force a single style, technique or narrow dogma. Students learn by doing, through games and exercises in class, and through performances on the Magnet stage.

So come see a show. All our performers were students first. See if you would like to be able to do what they are doing. Some are professional actors or writers, but the majority started with absolutely no stage experience at all. Most just thought it would be a fun way to meet people, have fun after work, or a way to gain a skill they could put to use elsewhere. And when they kept at it, they ended up on our stage, performing hilarious comedy in front of satisfied audiences.

Magnet invites you to laugh in our audience and learn in our classes.

The Magnet is an annual host of the Big Apple Regional of the College Improv Tournament.

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