The Made-Up Musical

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The Made-Up Musical is a long-running Friday night improv show at the Magnet Theater. In it, the cast improvises a musical based on a brief interview with an audience member, drawing upon their life and hometown memories.


The Made-Up Musical currently features a rotating cast of performers which have included John O'Donnell, Tara Copeland, Morgan Phillips, Danny "Scott" Glover, Louis Kornfeld, Alex Marino, Robin Rothman, Megan Gray, Michael Martin, Jess Allen & John Roufaeal.

Musical accompaniment is provided primarily by Frank Spitznagel with occasional appearances by Ernie Privetera.

SHOW HISTORY The show first began in 2001 at the first Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre on W. 22nd Street. It was originally titled "Musical!" but had to change its name because of a show in Chicago that had a similar title. The title "The Made Up Musical" was quickly substituted.

  • The show holds the minor distinction of being the show that was scheduled to play the night the original UCB Theatre on 22nd Street was closed due to a code violation.

After a long hiatus, the show began its current run at the Magnet Theater in January 2007.


A review of the show appeared in L Magazine and can be read here: