The Legend of Dillion Gunt

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The Legend of Dillion Gunt was an improv House Team at The People's Improv Theater that performed as a part of Super Free Monday. Their first show took place on January 19th, 2015, under the name "New Team Harding." Their final show was July 6th, 2015.


That Name!

The Legend of Dillion Gunt was one of the more strangely named improv teams in the history of the PIT. The final name was decided upon while having a drunken team meeting on the comfortable couches in the back of a bar called Kettle of Fish, in the West Village. Throughout the week or so that the team had been debating names, Caitlin had insisted that the team name be, or include, the word "Gunt." While campaigning for the name "Giant Squid," Ayana created a sample graphic for a team promo, on which she misspelled Dillon's name as "Dillion." Finally, someone had put forth the idea of calling ourselves "Legend." While considering all of these thoughts through the lens of our various alcoholic beverages, the team noticed a painting of a rather distinguished looking gentleman hanging above the comfortable couches, and decided that his name must be Dillion Gunt. It was then suggested that we as a team would portray the Legend of this mythic figure, and everyone was too drunk to realize that The Legend of Dillion Gunt would need to be explained every time it was mentioned. Dillon still hates the name to this day.