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The Kaleidoscope is a show where 4 improvisers select 6-8 people that they would like to perform with. Each captain is allowed one comfort player, a performer that they know well and perform with in the regular, they don't have to take one, but can. The goal is to have fun, perform with people that you wouldn't regularly perform with, and to create teams that have never existed and will never exist again. Like a kaleidoscope: every time you look you will see something different. Hosted by Alan Starzinski. Unless themed every week will include a guest monologist. The show is teched by the wonderful James Ferrarella.

Past Team Captains

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Ben Whitehouse, Will Hines, Brett White, James Ferrarella Amey Goerlich, Kevin Hines, Brian Barrett, Stephanie Streisand, David Bartin, Neil Casey, Seth Lind, Patrick Clair, Dave Bluvband, Ryan Karels, and John Robert Wilson.


Benjamin Apple, Johnny McNulty

Memorable Moments


For the first 5 show James Ferrarella, the show's tech, mispronounced the Host's name evolving into a bit of missaying Alan Starzinski.