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The Jonoscene is a New York City-based indie improv team specializing in the monoscene and made up entirely by performers named Jon.



The team was formed in 2010 for the Tenth Annual 3 on 3 Improv Tournament when Jon Monje thought the name pun would be a good hook. At the time of the performance, the team had never performed a show together, the founding members (Monje, Barcelo, and Bershad) barely knew each other, and some had never performed a monoscene on stage. Despite this, the show went exceedingly well although the group didn't make it past the first round (one of the teams that beat them was the night's "wild card" team Hot Cheese Fiesta which went on to win the tournament. Having enjoyed the experience, the team continued performing together.

In 2012, Bershad's Beige-teammate Marballi joined and the group decided to begin hosting a show. The very first Jonoscene Jonvention was held on October 20th, 2012 at the Richmond Shepard Theatre and featured improv from Curtains and These Guys Look Like They Can Read, stand up from Halle Kiefer, and a closing set by the Jonoscene. Its structure loosely inspired by another Richmond Shepard show, Gadget's Gadget Hour, the Jonvention performed monthly for more than a year. It became well known for its cheap drinks, raucous post-show dance party and "Drunk Jams," as well as the host team's penchant for suits.

On November 18th, 2013, the team announced via its Facebook page that the Jonvention was to be cancelled. The Richmond Shepard Theatre had been sold to new owners who chose to end all currently running comedy shows at the increasingly popular space. This announcement came two days after the November show which, ironically, featured a reunion performance by Hot Cheese Fiesta. The Jonoscene promised plans to look for a new venue and went back to appearing at various indie shows.

On April 17th, 2014, the Jonoscene partnered with the bilingual improv team Spanglish to begin hosting a new show Late Night Layover.