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The Joe Ross Tribe was a UCB Harold Team created in May 2001. This was the last team created by the Harold Team Committee sans auditions. Their starter name was The Joe Ross Tribe, and remained that way so that they did not waste 14 hours in a back booth of McManus fighting over what their name would be.

Known for their high energy performances that often made little sense, yet kept the audience entertained, JRT was ultimately self destructive and did not contain a cast chemistry that would lead to success or longevity.

Joe Ross Tribe was broken up in January 2002, members from the team went on to Optimist International & Monkeydick.

Joe Ross Tribe was broken up shortly after a team meeting held at a bar and meant to foster team unity. Instead, one team member started the meeting by saying "Why don't we all go around in a circle and say what we don't like about being on this team?"

When the team was broken up, committee member Julie Brister told members that the Joe Ross Tribe was a shame because the level of talent present on the team made it insane that they did not work.

Cast: Curtis Gwinn, Chris Gethard, Shannon O'Neill, Dave McKeel, Tom Schmidt, Bernie Kravitz, Tamra Malaga, Josh Perillo.


The Joe Ross Tribe is an anagram for Josie Roberts, the daughter of Ian Roberts and Katie Roberts.

Chris Gethard once fit himself into a cardboard box that the team carried on stage for a Cage Match against Pound. Gethard emerged from the box dressed like Pound member Colton Dunn and proceeded to mock his pre-cage match ritual, which was handing someone his basketball to hold on to for the show.

Shannon O'Neill a huge U2 fan, gave up her tickets to a U2 concert because she would have missed the rehearsal before the teams very first show. She was persuaded by Bernie Kravitz to do this.