The Incredible Comic Book

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The Comic Book is an original longform improv structure performed in New York City.


The Comic Book grew out of a class with Armando Diaz at the Magnet Theater. The show made its debut at the Magnet in March of 2007. In 2007, The Comic Book was also part of the Del Close Marathon and performed at Gotham City Improv with Bombardo. The show resurrected in May of 2008 for another run at the Magnet.


In this format, characters onstage freeze and hold positions like a comic book panel while other players provide dialog. Sound effects, captions, thought balloons and any other graphical conventions of comic books can also be added by the non-frozen players. Onstage players will shift from position to position, much like the transition from one comic book panel to the next.

The show opens with creation of the "comic book cover," which includes an iconic image of the main character(s), word balloons and captions, a title and an issue number. The show then moves into super-hero inspired territory or Archie-comic parody.


The original Incredible Comic Book cast consisted of Corey Grimes, Emily James, Ethan Kaye, Damon Ketron, Jess Lane, Alan Lidogoster, Ben Masten, Louie Pearlman, and Michael Short. The 2008 cast consisted of Corey Grimes, Megan Gray, Steve Horak, Ethan Kaye, Alan Lidogoster, Chet Siegel, and Michael Short.


The Comic Book was directed by James Eason.


A video of the Gotham City Improv show can be seen on YouTube in two parts.