The Holiday Spectacular

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The Holiday Spectacular was a show derived from a class of the same name, taught/directed by Billy Merritt with improv-song coaching by Eliza Skinner. The show was comprised of scenes/beats capped off by improvised songs.

Many improvisers who participated in this remember it as one of their favorite shows.(Who doesn't love being in a holiday show where you can dress up as a Christmas tree and sing and dance?)

The first performance of The Holiday Spectacular was November 25, 2003. The original cast was Amanda Allan, Rob Cacy, Kevin Cragg, Stephen Gardella, Lori Hamilton, Jen Hammaker, Maggie Kemper, Erika Kern, Jen MacNeil, Madalyn Mako, Kevin Napier, Ernie Privetera, Ryan Rogers, Nate Shelkey, Jacob Shwirtz, and Zach Tabacco.

Jen Hammaker played the Theremin for the Fantazy Dance portion of the show. Nate Shelkey accompanied songs on Guitar and Ernie Privetera on piano.

Performers over the years have included: